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New Software...

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Dec 22, 2009
North Texas
Hey Folks,

Been lurking here plenty last few weeks. Waiting for this mess of a server move to end.

Just a heads up finally ready to change software. The plan is to do it this coming Sunday. The initial conversion went great, I think folks will first find it mostly the same and a bit cleaner and easier to use. It will be the latest version Xenforo. The big difference is that P’s will now be called Conversations. All old PM data and such will transfer over.

I will post some how-to’s if needed and an error report thread just in case folks see something I may miss.
More to come as things get Closer …
Aug 13, 2018
Sounds great.

I moved a few different forums from different versions of vBulletin and PHPBB to Xenforo over the past couple of years. Always a bit of a learning curve with new versions, but the change has been very positive!
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