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New Member...Toronto Canada

Aug 23, 2016
Hope everyone is well and staying safe. Would like to make connections on here just in case
they don't let us play up here. Looks like some Tournaments are a go in the US. All of our
Tournaments are still on hold. Decisions happening mid-late May.
Aug 19, 2012
Also Canadian. Canceling was the right call . We went the last two years and had a terrific time just isn't feasible this season.
I'm pretty comfortable with the risk profile of a couple of teams playing a doubleheader at a local diamond we all drive to, it's a whole other thing having teams flying across the country staying a week in hotels. A big part of the fun of nationals is being part of the event, most of that wasn't happening this year.
If you read the other threads on here there are only a couple of states currently playing. Hopefully in phase two here in early June we can start with some smaller group practices and be playing by the end of the month. A six or seven week local season isn't what we all wanted but probably about all we can hope for this year.
Jul 13, 2017
We're based in Ontario. I agree with you Northern Dad. We've had PWSA meetings and the return to play protocols pretty much eliminate all tournaments this year, it's just too much to handle for any host.

Two teams, one park, exhibition double headers is about the best we can hope for/manage.

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