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New Head Coach

Apr 28, 2019
Well this dude just joined DFW a few months ago and has 500+ posts, so you must know that "he knows everything about fastpitch softball". OMG, have you heard him/her talk about his absolute knowledge of each and every bat produced in the past 3 years, and his 14 year old "national team" TB kid hits 275 ft bombs on a regular basis, even though she's only 5'2, but she has a by-god cannon of an arm for a 2B. My gosh, she's already got a full ride to Florida, Alabama, Washington and Oklahoma, so know he's just scouting out UConn hoping she gets a offer from them, because they are so awesome.

Why in the heck would he ever listen to any of us DFW old timers, when he know's everything there is to know? And I think I speak for the entire DFW group by saying, MadBandit22 you are our hero.
You guys are complete Assholes!!! Couple of KIA’s who seem to know very little. Just like to troll threads and criticize anyone with a differing opinion than your own. KMA!!!
Dec 11, 2010
Ah yes..... seem to know very little.

Here is the thing. You are responding to screen names but there is more than a few people behind the screen names here who have been waist deep in high level softball for a really long time. Some of them have serious credentials and credibility.

When you come on a site like this and profess your knowledge but you come off as a poser, people are going to call you out. They are going to test your conclusions and your process. It HAS to happen. That’s why DFP is a better place than most.

Longtime posters know that everyone here comes from a different point of reference (recreational softball, tournament softball, true travel, college) and that’s ok. All are welcome to discuss. All points of view are welcome. What concerns me is when parents come along whose journey has just begun and they have to sort through bad or half baked info. When one voice starts drowning out the others... right or wrong....That does not help anyone and it weakens the value of this site. And DFP is a VERY valuable resource to players and parents.

There’s a lot to be learned from those who have come before us. There is always a time when a person should close their mouth and open their ears.
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