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New from WI

Apr 22, 2019
Hello everyone I’ve read a lot of posts on this forum but just joined now. Great sight and a lot of info. I have a DD that plays travel ball in U10 and plays on the U 12 team when she can make it. Thanks for having me.
Jul 19, 2014
Madison, WI
There are some Wisconsin parents that post here. My DD 3 very recently seems to have hung up her cleats, but I sometimes still read this forum.
One of the other posters on this forum once had a DD in the same TB organization, and another had a DD in the same HS.

There was a while when my DD 3 was playing 12 U for Little League and 10 U for the LL all-star TB team. That got a bit confusing, since she was a pitcher. We finally had to make a rule that she couldn't pitch in 12 U until after she stopped playing 10 U. Hitting and fielding were not issues.

My DD 3 did set an interesting unofficial LL record while at the 10 U level. The West Madison LL doesn't allow base stealing at 10 U, EXCEPT if they are on the road against a team from a different LL, and the local rules allow base stealing. In the spring of her first year at 10U, she got to play an away game in the village of McFarland, where they allow base stealing. She managed to steal a base.

That fall, she played up in 12 U. The WMLL has a rule that second year 10U players will play 12 U in the fall, then back to 10 U in the spring. (She played up in 12 U in the spring, but that is another story). 12U allowed base stealing, so she got in a few stolen bases that fall.

That fall, my DD 1 was playing on the WMLL 14 U team, with a double header every Sunday. DD 1 was also on a 16 U TB team. One Saturday they had a scrimmage, and the star pitcher broke her hand. That pitcher was the only other girl who was also on the 14 U LL team that fall. On Sunday, they only had 8 players for the first game. (Another player came for the second game). The coach allowed DD 1 to guest play with the 14 U team that day. DD 3 got a walk, went to second on a ground out, and stole 3rd while the batter struck out. With 2 outs, DD 3 on 3rd base, DD 1 was at the plate. Ground out. DD 1 really wanted to get her sister home.

But then, I realized DD 3 had, as a 10 U player, stolen bases at the 10 U, 12 U and 14 U levels in the same year!
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Well, since you call yourself "Dodger", I will claim you as a So Cal guy! :)

Welcome to DFP. Enjoy the ride!

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