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New Easton Ghost?

Mar 6, 2016
What's the difference (if any) besides cosmetics between the 2020 ghost (white and dark blue) and the Ghost "Advanced" series (mostly all white)?

I understand the marketing of the "Advanced" like it's something significantly different...but is it really? They both seem to crack at a high rate. It reminds me of the baseball card industry back in the 90s. It used to be 1 set of cards for Topps, Donruss, Fleer, etc. But then they started with "traded" edition, Chase cards, "special" insert cards, uni cards, "gold" cards...it all became WAY too much and confused buyers and destroyed the industry.

Is the Advanced more end loaded or something like the Demarini series of various weighted bats?


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Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
There are threads for the ADV where I went into it pretty good...quite a bit different. Quickly, composite is
completely diff, barrel is bigger, endcap is diff, inner barrel is made a bit lighter to handle the slightly
bigger barrels, handle knob is soft and small....supposedly the ADV is a little more evenly
weighted but its still overweight, although the current batch range I got in is much closer than previous
Like I said, there are other, much longer threads if you wanna read them. This was a quick question
and dont wanna turn this into the same thread as the 2 or 3 before.

And Easton has 2 top end bats just like most manufacturers...most have a 349 bat then one
a bit higher...then some cheaper ones under the top 2 that fit other price points. Dont know what is confusing. Maybe you should email another manufacturer that has made like 20 versions of their top bat with all kinds of paint jobs :)

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