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New Coach

Apr 18, 2019
Hey yall, softball dad & new to coaching. Luckily my girls are 5&6. Started them in tball 2 years ago and now 6u softball the past year, this comin season will be my first year coaching softball so lookin forward to that. Never played baseball or softball growin up, so lookin forward to learnin and growin with my girls.

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Allergic to BS
Nov 14, 2014
Welcome to the game! I've got similar pics of my kid when she was that age. Now, she's nearly my height. Do your best to make it fun for all of them, learn as much as you can, and keep your sense of humor...that can be the biggest challenge at times. Go play some ball yourself, if you can...it will help you as a coach. Looking at all the "superstar" kids who my kid outlasted, don't overdo it with wanting yours to be good. Your goal should be to keep her wanting to play and motivated to get better. I could tell my kid had a bit of natural talent from the first time we played catch, and I probably pressed a bit too much when she was younger. As a HS-aged player, we still go out and work, except that she is now faster and can throw, catch, and hit better than I can. We work on the finer points of things, especially the mental part of the game, but I spend far more time now being impressed than being critical.
Jan 27, 2019
Exactly right Strike2, be sure you enjoy this with your girls. It can be GREAT for you if you remember that it's a game and meant to be enjoyed. If she loves the game she will grow with it and become better. If she resents it she will quit as soon as she can and it can become a point of contention. She is more important than the game. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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