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New 3b Coach here

Aug 12, 2018
Can we discuss the walking lead at 3B some more? Is that enough to get the runner home on a WP? The walking leads our girls do at first-year 12U is more like a few steps off the bag. Not sure what the difference would be?

Are you aiming for assertive, but not crazy aggressive for a lead?

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So I'm still learning here but what I personally mean by walking lead is the following...

I want my baserunner to "walk into" (or maybe trot) the lead. That is, I want them to be creeping and landing on their right foot as the ball crosses the plate (rather than in a static pose) so as to take advantage of momentum when/if the opportunity presents itself. This may mean 3 steps, or it may mean 5 steps...just depends on how close the 3rd baseman is to the bag.

The other thing is I don't tell them to go or not...I want the baserunner to make the decision themselves. I give them information, but i don't say "go" or "no"

Hope that's helpful. Maybe someone with a bit more experience can weigh in?
Jul 31, 2019
Speedskater explains it well. Goal is to keep shoulders square to home for as long as possible and is thinking yes, yes, no. In reality, WP’s are less as they get older or play at high levels.

He also brings up another good point about the 3B positioning. I tell my runners to keep the third baseman in front of them and not to pass them unless they are going home. It is my job to watch for the SS coming in behind them.
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Jun 16, 2010
Not everyone can steal bases. Especially against good team. The stopwatch will tell you who can.

From travel ball, our leadoff went on to be Team USA.

Almost unstoppable. She got on base 75% time , first pitch from 1B, she would be on second...a sacrifice later third.....then usually score. Games were won in 1st inning...often 1-0.