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Need Some Help

Aug 6, 2008
Austin, TX
Hey all...I hope you are all having a wonderful hump day. I am working on a project for completing my masters and need some help...I would like to know what the HS pitching distance is for every state...Here in TX it is 40 ft. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me...Thanks so much!
Jun 16, 2008
Only Florida and Massachusetts have put their prep softball pitchers at 43 feet, although it's a topic that has been tossed around in numerous states. Others are at 40 feet. Florida just completed its third season at 43 feet, while Massachusetts made the change a year ago.

At the 2007 National Fastpitch Coaches Assocation convention, they passed a proposal that would send a recommendation to the National Federation of High Schools to move the pitching distance for high school to 43 feet.

The travel ball membership approved a trio of proposals that included a proposal to move to the 43-foot pitching distance for all levels of 16U and 18U softball.
Aug 6, 2008
Austin, TX
Thanks for the help. I am still curious if anyone knows if there are any other states that WILL be moving to 43 for the next softball season?? I know that any rule changes for TX take place in June so they are not brought to light until the school get back in the fall. Thanks again for any help.

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