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need help

May 4, 2009
i am coach of a elementry girls softball team were all players must have equal playing time this year we have many new players how do i keep my returning players from getting board while teaching the new players


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
A good coach knows the skill progression for each position, and knows where each player fits within that skill progression. Since there is always "one more step" in the skill progression, there is always plenty of work to do.

E.g., a bunting skill progression would be:

(1) Holds the bat correctly.
(2) Positions the bat correctly.
(3) Can bunt a thrown ball.
(4) Can bunt down the third base line 90% of the time when asked to do so.
(5) Can bunt down the first base line 90% of the time when asked to do.
(6) Can drag bunt.
(7) Understands difference between sacrifice bunt and bunting for a hit.
(8) Can bunt for a hit.
(9) Can bunt from either side of the plate.

So, you might have some kids at (1), and some at (6). When you do bunting practice, some kids get a "pat on the back" simply for doing (2). The more advanced kids are working on drag bunting.

Even though the team is working on the same activity, each kid individually is working on something different.

This takes more work by the coach, and requires the coach to learn about every aspect of the game. Ultimately, it is more rewarding for the coach and the players.