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Apr 24, 2012
Hello everyone I need some help lol. This will be my daughters second year of organized Fast pitch. Last year I signed her up and I taught her how to hit, catch, and throw from my baseball experience. She picked it up rather quick and really enjoyed Playing softball. By the end of the year for the house league she was by far the best girl on the team( the team wasn't to good lol)even though she was one of the youngest considered a 6 YO. I let her try out for the travel team because she wanted to and she made it(I was shocked to say the least). Well anyways she looked up to all the older girls and wanted to learn how to pitch. I had no clue on this, so through the coaches I found Her PC. I thought everything was going fine she even pitched for her fall ball team. So then I found this site and found all shes being taught is wrong or just plain bad for her. She is doing the hello elbow, slamming the door, slapping the mitt on the leg. So now I stopped taking her to her PC but I cant find any coach in the Chicagoland area that even teaches The I/R. I really need a PC im tring to teach her from what I read on here but I dont want to mess her up either. Please help im sure there our other parents that had this happen to them too.
Oct 3, 2011
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Also, Hal Skinner (halskinner is his handle on here) has a registry of pitching coaches for most areas of the country. PM halskinner, tell him exactly what you're looking for and I'm sure he'll help you out.


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Apr 28, 2012
Charlotte, NC
Not sure on how committed you are but if a Jennie Finch camp comes near you - go!!! Doug Finch is awesome and VERY approachable. He does a talk to the parents more than the kids so you can get the mechanics down. Your DD will have a great time there as Jeannie and the staff are engaging and encouraging. They promote a love of the game I have not seen ant any other camp.

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