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Need help starting our own 12U travel team

Feb 6, 2009
We are wanting to start a 12U travel team and need to know what is the best way to get it up and running. We understand the try-outs, fundraising, ordering uniforms, where to find tournaments etc.... What we are confused with is all the "behind the scene" details. For example, where and how do you get insurance, do you have to sign up or pay fees for each sanction or can you just find a tournament pay your tournament fee and play?? Thanks for any help you can offer :)
Jan 15, 2009
USSSA has the best insurance IMO. It's about $130 for the team for a full year and cover the "team" which means that as kids move on and off the roster they are covered. See the USSSA website for details
Jul 17, 2008
Southern California
As a start up team I would avoid ordering full-on uniforms. They are very expensive and will eat into your budget. You can have all your players buy their own black or white pants and order T-shirts with your team name and logo on the front and numbers on the back for about 10.00 each.
That way when you have players come and go ( they will) it's easier to replace a T-shirt than an entire uniform.

From personal experience, one year we joined a start up team. Paid lots of money for beautiful uniforms, matching helmets, etc. That team folded after one year. Waste of money.

T-shirts are comfortable and easily replaceable until you know what direction your team is headed.
Just my opinion.


Crazy Daddy
Oct 31, 2008
This is our first Spring (we first fielded a team in the fall) and I agree to not go with the full uniform. We lost about 5 kids from the fall and picked up 3 for the spring and because the cost was pretty high for the full uniform, we are going with only the Jersey, Black pants and socks. It is way cheaper for everyone involved and the team still really looks great!

Jerseys are less that $30
I am currently in my 2nd year from starting a 14-U travel team last year. The Insurance through NSA is around $ 75.00 per team. If purchased through ASA only covers individual girls and very expensive ( cost me $225.00 last year for 11 girls & 2 coaches ) The tournaments you play if they are sanctioned tournaments you must pay fee to get sanctioned. If an open tournament should not have to be sanctioned. You can check each tournament for sanctioning body and get on their website for information. As I said I just did all this last year so I have been there. Need anything else feel free to get ahold of me.

Larry Moore
Indiana Storm 14-U
Jan 7, 2011
Starting a new travelball 12u

So to start our own travelball team we dont need to get any other insurance from an outside agency? we can just purchase the insurance from asa etc? How are we as individual protected from being sued? Do we need to get our own tax id number?

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