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need a starter workout for 12U girls

Dec 12, 2008
Albany NY
I posted this under the 'coaching' forum before I realized this forum exists...I have a group of girls with a lot of potential for success this coming spring. We should be one of the better 12U teams in the area. This Sunday, I want to introduce them to the concept of getting stronger, more fit, more explosive as we head toward the dead of winter and then spring (we're in Albany NY so we won't be outside again until April.)

They are all currently participating in a weekly 2 hour clinic run by a local softball guru, so they are getting a lot of softball reps. We are also going to start bi-weekly indoor team practices in January. But, thanks to Marc Dagenais, I want them to attack fitness - become faster, throw harder, etc. to get a big advantage by spring.

We have purchased Marc's 700 page 52 week fitness program, but we are concerned it's too much too soon. One thought is to design a workout that for the first month builds good habits so that working out becomes part of their routine - how much is too much for 12-13 yr old girls - I don't want them to be overwhelmed and do nothing...
May 9, 2008
Starter Work Out

Hi Steve,

My 13 year old daughter uses a program designed for her by Marc for her off season training. It's actually 5 different routines that build on top of each other using one at a time. We started the first in November three times a week. About half an hour per session. The second one we are currently using is four times a week. On top of that she has two indoor team practices of one hour each and a half hour pitching lesson once a week. This seems to be about right. We thought about adding more but determined that there is a burn out factor and we want to keep it fun.

That's why changing the routine is so important. It keeps teenage girls interested because there's always something new to learn. Variety is the spice of life. And young girls get bored very easily. :p I think that since you've got Marc's complete off season program that you would be wise to select a few routines that you can vary from month to month. Break them down into smaller components that you can combine together and create a customized routine for your team. Marc is available for consultation and I'm sure he'd be glad to answer any questions you might have. Parental involvement is important as well. They make great work out partners.

The best thing to do is to get started. Don't waste time wringing your hands about whether the girls will have issues down the road. A good plan well executed today is better than a great plan put off until tomorrow.:)

Good Luck,


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