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NBC news report on injuries in kids sports


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
FYI, NBC is running a two part series on injuries to kids in sports through overuse. Some parents are pushing the kids too much at a young age, leading to injuries, and possible permanent injuries as they mature.
Aug 4, 2008
It is also coaches. Some very good web posting on overuse on pitching. I would guess that softball pitchers will have inning limits just like baseball in a few years. Pitchers throwing 20 innings and then pitching a double hitter the next day. On kid at 13 pitched 60 plus games in travel ball. I wonder how many when they get older will have issues. I know I'm in my 50's and suffer from sport injuries that happened when I was younger. This is the hot topic in this area of the country.
Jan 15, 2009
Everytime I read about some poor kid who gutted it out through a 25 inning 400 pitch show down it makes my gut ache. I know a lot of people look at that and say "Wow. What a gutty performance!" What I say is "WOW! We're all okay with turning some girls shoulder into hamburger!" I know that it's a different motion from over hand pitching, but can't we at least come up with some limits? Maybe mandatory to have one day off after 200+ pitches in a day? 2 days off after 300+, 350 pitch max in a day. I know those are big numbers, and personally I'd never let a kid get close to 350 in a day, but If we could all at least agree on that it would still help those kids who are out there working under a coach that will send them out there until their arm falls off.

I know the argument is that many times the #1 pitcher is still better than the #2 pitcher even after 400 pitches, but if we were that myopic in boys baseball no one's arm would make it past high school because the temptation would always be to take a chance on the kid's arm in order to eek out a win.

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