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Natural righty, switch hitting?

Dec 31, 2008
Im a natural righty batting, and ive been working on slap hitting for a little while now.. Now, i think it would be really effective if i could slap the first time, then swing away, then slap and so forth. Being a natural righty, swinging lefty feels different.. I play ASA, along with our local league. With playing ASA, this team has no challenge, but i see it as extra time to practice everything. Ive made contact, swinging away lefty, just once, and i tried it about four times.. I was wondering, any different things to do to make this learning time, move along quicker?? Thanks for any help.
May 12, 2008
Unless you are world class fast, forget slapping unless you are also going to learn to hit for pop from that side. Doesn't matter if it's on the run or standard swing away but you have to be able to keep the defense honest with at least doubles power. Forget switch hitting. Do one or the other. If you move to the left, then commit and go through the learning curve as fast as you can. Any AB you take from the right side after that just delays your progress on the left side. There is no value to switch hitting in fp like there is in bb since the pitcher isn't throwing a curve ball at your head and then breaking it across the plate.

I should add college coaches love versatile left siders with speed who can play the short game as well as hit away from the left side.
Mar 11, 2009

That was a good video. My daughter is a natural righty and has been spending alot if time learning to slap..I think she feels more bat control slapping right now..She has good speed and is only 10 yrs old. I will continue to let her hit from both sides of the plate until she gets older.
May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
I spoke with several top college coaches, including weekleys from tennessee, at the new jersy coaches clinic, & they seem to be moving girls to the left side pretty consistently if they have speed. It only makes sense to me to make the change in middle school, or certainly in high school if possible.

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