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National Travel Programs

Jun 7, 2016
Looking for information on the National level type programs eg, Batbusters, firecrackers etc. Our organization is considering becoming an affiliate. What does this entail from our end. Costs are foremost of concern. Do they have uniform requirements (such as more than 2 sets or matching cleat s or helmets for brand identity), do they require teams to do clinics at colleges or perhaps with other more established groups in the same org? What other things might spring up that a local group is unaware of that down the road could cause financial difficulty?
Thanks in advance to the DFP community.
Aug 19, 2015
Atlanta, GA
We were Firecrackers last year and there was a Firecrackers/Batbusters event at the USSSA Space Coast park in FL in December that we were mandated to attend. LONG drive for us on a random weekend. Our family would up not having to go because DD was diagnosed with a stress fracture. No idea if they will do that again or not.
Jan 27, 2010
You will pay more because the franchise must pay a monthly fee to the top organization. I believe but am not positive that the Firecrackers charge something like 25 per player per month to wear the name. Those teams have expectations to play certain caliber events. You may have to travel to Fl, CO, NJ or CA.

As for clinics, I know that some of the orgs will bring in the top coaches and the local kids are expected to attend.

Playing the top teams is not a cheap endeavor. Your team might be a very good team but you will never play the top teams unless there is a play to the win and even then you may only win your bracket and never get to play the top Batbusters, Firecrackers or Intensity.

One last thing. You might be a pretty good org team and all of the sudden your DD is on the bench with most of her teammates while some new teammates wearing similar uniforms are on the field. If the org doesn't do well in the big tourneys they will not recruit well in the fall.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
In my experience, every org has different requirements and different cost structures. In So Cal, the 3 big orgs - Batbusters, Firecrackers, and So Cal Athletics - all have multiple teams in every age group, and range from excellent to not very good. There are also multiple mid-size orgs. Some tend to be better than others. Having one of the big names on your jersey is zero guarantee of team quality - especially at the younger ages. It all comes down to the coaches that run the teams.
Jun 12, 2015
Firecrackers have come to GA and in any given tournament you might see 4+ of their teams in one age group (this isn't just them, btw; other orgs seem to be going quantity over quality too). The level of talent varies dramatically, at least through 14U which is the oldest age group we've played in. Whether the name will be a talent draw probably depends on the coaches and who they were before the name change.
May 29, 2015
Like national softball franchisees and local “power” travel teams, not all posts are helpful. Some just provide us with entertainment value.


(Forgive my cynicism, I’ve been around the sport for too long.)

What does one receive for their monthly franchise fees?