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My Favorite Play "Vegas"

I wanted to share my favorite play that I haven't really seen other teams run. I call the play "Vegas". As you can probably guess by the name of the play it is a gamble. I like to be aggressive on the bases. I have run this play at the High School, 18A, 16U and 14U levels. This is a play if executed properly it will work against the good teams as well as the bad teams. If not executed you will look foolish against any team! LOL

This is an offensive play with R1 on 1st and R3 on 3rd. Most defenses in this situation are preparing for the steal of R1. This is where I like to suprise them with a "Suicide Squeeze." That's not all...on the pitch R1 steals 2nd and looks to make it all the way to 3rd if they make a play at home or if they make a play on the batter/runner going to 1B. If R1 makes it to 3rd and the batter/runner is safe at 1B the batter/runner heads immediatley to 2B. 75% of the time the CF will forget to come in and cover 2B. If she does remember to cover 2B then have your batter/runner get in a rundown long enough for R1to score from 3B. Most CF will probably forget about the runner on 3B for a split second.

The most important part of the play is to score the run on the Suicide Squeeze. Anything you get after that is a bonus. About 50% of the time R1 won't be able to make it to 3B if it's not there don't force it.

When you play aggresive you force teams to make mistakes. A lot of times when the squeeze works you will get the defense to throw the ball away trying to make that next play. JUST HOPE YOUR BATTER DOESN'T POP-UP THE BUNT! LOL

Please let me know what you think!

Good Luck!
Sean Hall
Minnesota Sting Elite 18A
North St. Paul Head Varsity Coach

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