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My Catcher-Beast

May 24, 2013
So Cal
After missing 7 weeks of play (including TCS World Series in Reno) due to a concussion followed by a broken finger, Maddie finally got back in action behind the plate for our final tournament of the season - USSSA Nationals. It was good to see her back in action again. There are a few things that need to get fine-tuned, but she did a very good job. This was my favorite play from the games she played last week...

I love watching my kid play ball. :)
Nov 29, 2009
That was a nice play.

It's also a teaching moment for hitters. The batter backed out of the box allowing her a clear lane to throw down to 3rd. If the hitter stays put she is unable to make a good throw without having to make herself a throwing lane to 3rd.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Action from this past weekend...

(Note to self - Do a better job with camera placement related to ump position.)
Sep 29, 2014
OK I might just have to frame this as our how to cover home correctly as the catcher. Probably only negative feedback is not to open leg laterally in pic 2 so the impact will be onto the side. the toe should be pointing to 3B in this case it did not matter but on a closer play the impact could have been sideways on the leg. Did I mention again how textbook this was....great job definitely belong in the brag forum

1. As the ball is out in the field position yourself in front of the plate leaving it open to the runner
2. As the throw comes in you adjust your position to the throw
3. On a online throw with ball either in hand or clearly beating the runner block the plate

catcher1.jpgcatcher 2.jpgCatcher3.jpg
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Good detail about the angle of the foot as she steps to make the catch, DJ. I agree that having the toes pointed up the line ("at the runner" might be better) is best for minimizing lateral knee impacts.

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