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My 10 hitting

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
She usually ends #1 in order, almost always bunts as she is very fast and loves to steal....her reg hitting has gotten weak with all the bunting....
what to work on this fall?
She turned 10 this month...4'10" 75 pounds
May 13, 2008

There are lots of good things going on in this video, my favorite being how she keeps her head on the ball. Something I have to constantly remind my DD to do. The #1 thing that I would work on with your DD is the bat drag issue. The following is a link to a good article about bat drag:

Bat Drag 101

I recommend the RVP instruction videos with Candrea & Enquist:

RightView Pro Baseball & Softball Training Software
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
my 10 hitting

I did play with the link...works if you cut paste better for me


Took a bit to load as well...

She does well with eye on bat/ball.....but almost seems to stop after contact....

Lately several balls off end of bat.....think the bat is 29" or 30"

She usually bunts because she is fast.....and moves runners along.

Thanks..will check links!
May 13, 2008
Also, work on that throwing technique. I saw that in another thread you mentioned that she tends to throw the ball with a sidearm motion; well, that is something that shows up in how she hits the ball as well. The bat drag (top hand elbow leading the hands) motion is similar to throwing sidearm. After reviewing the bat drag essay above, simulate a sidearm throwing motion and see how similar they are.

Here is another link to one of Chris O'Leary's essays on throwing...

Proper Throwing Mechanics
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
hitting throwing

The throwing sidearm is my other DD (12)......
I will check out these links......

Hitting for my 12 is tough...great machine hitter ....now to get her to hit a real pitch.
Seems to decide too late whether or not to swing.

I have to work on throwing with my 10 as well....went to a clinic and hasn't thrown the same since! Ugh!

Although when she (DD 10) isn't thinking about she can throw out most anyone stealing 3rd (working on lowering the arc to 2nd)...she started catching 10 days ago....so I'm not concerned!

May 9, 2008
Decisions Making


You mentioned that your 12 year old is having trouble making swing decisions against live pitching. "Hitting for my 12 year old is tough...Seems to decide too late whether or not to swing."

You can simplify the process for her by coaching her to only make one decision. That is not to swing. Give her a green light on any pitch to swing away but tell her that she needs to only decide if the pitch is worth swinging at. That way she only has to make one decision instead of two. The time it takes to make two mental decisions swing or not swing may be slowing her reaction time down.

You might also want to tell her about the 3 strike zones. Narrow on 1st strike i.e. perfect pitch down the middle. Wider on 2nd strike, anything over the plate. Widest on 3rd strike anything close to the corners that the umpire might call a strike even though it's outside or inside = defend the plate and foul off these pitches until you get a good pitch to hit.

Give it a try and see if you get any results.

Best Regards,


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