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Music at Games

Nov 1, 2008
reminds me of the teams that like to scream loudly just before the pitcher releases the ball. apparently class doesn't exist in some places.
May 7, 2008
Cannon...was this in rec ball? Our travel team has a sound system we use for picnicking off in the distance. I have been at school ball games that have played music between innings. I have never encountered what you have described (travel, rec or school/softball or baseball)...send them to Ethics 101. You are validated :)
May 7, 2008
Well Cannon...I struggle with that more. Administration failure. Very poor reflection on their school's sportsmanship.


May 13, 2008
Loud music

I agree lets let the play on the field determine the game..not the flipping sound system
May 5, 2008
Wow - that's crazy. Yes, like you said, ideally the players would be in the right spots and ready at all times. HOWEVER playing of a sound system DURING the game (not just between innings) is not cool.

At the same time, it is an opportunity to help your players learn to push through and play their game, no matter what may be going on on the other side. Not that the other side was right, just that in life, things that are unfair happen all the time and if your girls can deal with it on a field in a "game" - they are more likely to be able to handle those real world situations. So while I would try to get that sound system turned off as it was...I would also encourage/challenge my girls to keep playing and not allow it to be an excuse.
Dec 31, 2008
Coming from a softball player, this would be very distracting to me...But as you said the run scored on a bunt play because the players couldnt hear the coach, in all honesty, that is NOT the musics fault, the girls should know what to do in each situation, and whats happening, etc...I do agree that it should have been turned off...Good job to the ump, he made the right decision...
Jun 22, 2008
My daughters old high school uses a sound system at the softball games, announces each batter for both teams, for home team they play a snippet of a batting song before the girl comes bat, and sometimes plays between innings. However, the batting song stops the second the girl steps into the batters box and no music is ever played while runners are moving or the ball is in play. If music was being played while the ball was in play and/or runners still moving, the umpire should have put an end to the music immediately.