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Motor City Showdown

Jan 31, 2015
Don't worry about the #FakeNews and F.U.D.D. it generates. The U.S. is not building a wall on the Canadian border. ;-)

We just played a Canadian team (Brampton Blazers Novice Gold, Mississauga, Ontario) at the Memorial Day Madness tournament in Mechanicsburg, PA a few weeks ago. You may want to reach out to them, or the Vaughan Vikings (Vaughan, Ontario), Quebec Rebelles (Chanteauguay, Quebec) who were also there for their insight.

FWIW, we thought it was cool they would come all the way down to play in a big tournament (175 teams!). Didn't see any animosity towards them, although we had plenty of animosity towards a VA team we had an issue with in April, and we didn't even play them this tournament. :-D

Hi folks,

My DD's team (we are from Canada) has a tournament in Michigan on July 1. Unfortunately due to the political BS between our 2 countries right now over NAFTA etc etc I am wondering what the feeling is like down there right now towards Canadians. I was reading a tweet from one Canadian team returning from a tournament this past weekend and they recommended not to travel to the States right now. I don't know what all that is about? So I am just curious. No intention of this being a political debate, I know that is against forum rules, but I want my DD to have a memorable experience at the Motor City Showdown.


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