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Most k's in a game

Aug 4, 2008
This was one of the post that got deleted, but I found the answer on this web site.
Cat Osterman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is Hollowell at 61 in games over 20 innings and Cat in Games less than 20 innings. The game I just watched had a combined 76 in 20 innings. High School
Looks like both pitchers are in the National Record books for game 20 innings or more.

Kasie Kelly Wooster Ohio 44 puts her 6'th.
Holly Tomaszewski Lexington Ohio 32, top 20. She did it with no Walks!
If the game has stopped in 14 innings Kasie would have broken Cat's record of 33 in less than 20 inning game. We got 14 innings before darkness in day one. That was what everyone was talking about. 53 K's in the first day!
Both are college signed Kasie JR going to OSU. Holly Sr going to Taylor.
Game ended 1-0 HR by Lex in inning 20.

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