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More on choosing a glove

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
The universe is a strange, wonderful place, with its own interesting rhythms. If you don't believe me, consider this.

My last post was about how to choose a softball glove -- a suggestion from my friend Frank Morelli. Today I received the Jugs Co. newsletter in my e-mail, and what do I find? You guessed it. An article from their resident softball expert, Celeste Knierim, about how to choose a glove.

She goes through many of the same points I did, although she definitely put in more information when describing the different types of webbing.

The article also gives some tips on how to break in a glove. One thing I definitely disagree with is her recommendation to let the glove soak in rain water. I used to break in gloves by soaking them in water -- a recommendation someone gave me. Then I read how it's bad for the glove long-term. I've found that to be true -- my Wilson glove has kind of deteriorated over the years, looking like it has water damage. Some of the glove sites have better tips. None recommend soaking the glove in water or throwing it in the oven.

Still, outside of that the article is worth reading. One last glove tip. If your glove is feeling a little loose, it probably is. Restringing by a professional is often very cheap, but a great investment. It'll make you fall in love with your glove all over again.


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