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More GameChanger Scoring Questions

Feb 10, 2018
Northern Virginia
I am pretty adept with the GameChanger app, but a couple of things happened tonight at rec league game that I could not figure out how to score in the app. I will readily acknowledge that this a rec league game on a Tuesday night and none of it actually matters, but I still want to know.

Situation 1: Runners on 1st and 2nd. 2 outs. Catcher catches the pitch clean (forget the count but not full). Catcher inexplicably throws down to second in an attempt, I guess, to pick off the runner who was getting back to second after the pitch. Of course, the throw squirted out into centerfield. The runner on second comes around to score on the unnecessary and errant throw from the catcher. The CF makes a throw to 3rd because the runner from 1st is advancing to that base and there is a possible play. That throw gets away from F5. LF gathers up the ball and throws home and the runner is actually out at the plate on the tag. At this point, my head was spinning. I ended up using "Other" to account for the runner scoring from second because I didn't see any way to charge the catcher with a throwing error, which is what allowed the runner at second to advance and score and for the runner at first to advance to third. I advanced the trailing runner to third also on "Other" and then with "Caught Stealing" when thrown out at home. I am sure there was a better way to record this in GC??

Situation 2: Runner on 1st and 2nd. 1 out. Ground ball sharply hit to the SS. Fielded clean. In what was probably not the best decision, the SS decided to try and get the runner advancing to third. This was going to be a close play regardless, but the SS got off a somewhat ugly but catchable throw to F5, which was mishandled and the runner was safe. I scored this a Fielders Choice (good throw would have retired the batter headed to first base) with the runner safe at third. But the runner was safe at third because of an error. I didn't see a way to capture the error on F5 while scoring this a FC in GC. Any ideas?

Aug 23, 2016
Situation 1: first, tap on the runner on second until you see the "safe" and "out" buttons on second base. Select "safe" and choose "pickoff attempt." Then advance the runner to third and select "safe" and "fielding error," then click on the catcher to credit her with the error. Then advance the runner to home, select "safe" and "on same error."

Next, advance the runner who started on first to second, select "safe" and "on same error." Then advance her to third, select "safe" and "on different error" and credit that error to either F5 or the CF. Finally, for the out at home I'd select "out" and then "out on last play," LF to C.

Situation 2: I probably would have called it a fielder's choice, but as far as I know GC won't let you score it as both FC and E.