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Monday brag 3-16-17

Jun 12, 2015
We played in the Fury Spring Showdown this weekend. It was an open tournament but we ended up playing all 4 games against A teams. We were 2-2 for the day, not bad. Our worst game was 5-0 against the Sluggers team out of KY with the 50 mph pitcher we just could not get a hold of. Our hitting was better than last weekend. DD hit a triple, and we had some more cool defensive stuff. It was a good weekend overall. Of course, we have a new highlights reel. DD's #7. On the defensive plays she's at SS.


How'd everyone else do this weekend?
Mar 3, 2017
That's cool . The video looked great. We're getting our outdoor start this weekend in Montgomery. We are a 12u out of western Kentucky.

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Feb 4, 2015
DD's team lost the championship game in an extra innings international tie-breaker.

During the trophy ceremony, the head coach of the other team asks, "Where's your lead-off hitter?" DD raises her hand and the coach looks at her and smiles, then says "I hate you!".

Best compliment ever.


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Oct 5, 2009
At the Jewel in San Diego
Warrioranglea just achieved her first recorded HS win on Saturday!! A runner came in on a double. Almost pitched a shut out game until the last inning. Dang it!! OH well.... LOL

ERA 1.17
Innings Pitched 6
Fielding Percentage 1.000

Box score statsAngela's game-by-game stats
RESULT Win Varsity softball vs. Harbor Teacher.
Posted yesterday

The Jurupa Hills Spartans softball team won Saturday's neutral tournament game against Harbor Teacher by a score of 7-1.

3/4 @11:301 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Jurupa Hills 1 0 1 3 0 2 - 7 15 0
Harbor Tea 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 1 6 1
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Jun 12, 2015
I forgot to mention the most impressive part of our weekend. 4 games against 3 different A level teams - we had 2 errors all weekend. Total. I thought that was pretty awesome.


Feb 20, 2012
DD went on her official visit and had picture taken for Media Day. For the record she will wear #7 in college.
Sep 4, 2015
Finally out of hitting slump! DD hit great all weekend, had some good plays in RF and even got a compliment from coach on her framing. Given the rough fall season she had, it was a weekend her confidence really needed!