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Moments that make you cry happy tears

Apr 26, 2015
DD plays HS ball for a very demanding coach. One that has been accused of being borderline verbally abusive, one that pushes the girls beyond where they ever think they can go. She demands their best and requires a team first attitude. She is no nonsense and all business. DD has a tremendous amount of love and respect for this coach. Girls quit playing for her all the time because they can't separate her words/instruction from her tone. I have even struggled at times with her demands on DD's time and how there is no room for error in her game, but I do believe deep down she does it because she loves the game and loves the girls.

DD has been on Varsity since her freshman year. The only freshman on Varsity with 5 juniors and 5 seniors. She batted 2 hole the entire season and played LF. Last year as a sophomore she started at CF and batted lead off. She was first team all conference and honorable mention for all state and all region. This year the team has no seniors. DD is very quiet and not a traditional leader. However she decided she wanted to be the upper classman who all the underclassmen could come to and be comfortable. She started sending out daily jokes and inspirational quotes to the team. She has taken on a leadership role without being bossy and loud. She is a leader because she has earned the respect of her teammates.

Today the coach wrote cards to each of the girls. The coach said to DD "My life would be complete if I could have 10 more of you. Your smile, your athleticism, your attitude, your passion and your leadership inspire me and make me glad to be a coach. In my many years of coaching I have not come across another player who gives so much of herself and expects nothing in return."

I think this one card will be treasured forever. DD has often said she learned 1000x more from this coach than she has from all other coaches combined. It makes me so happy for her to receive this acknowledgment because she does fly under the radar a lot. She has been struggling this year with her hitting and she has a lot of issues with her self confidence. I seriously wanted to cry happy tears for DD tonight!

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Dec 2, 2013
That right there should definitely warm your heart. I am glad that the coach acknowledged her. Not a whole lot of coaches give the quiet affirmation that our DD's deserve. Yes, you get the good job, great hit, great effort, clap clap, high five on the field, but not so much the written notes that they can put into their "glory" file for safe keeping. Your DD is a direct reflection on how she was raised.

I had a Moment of happy tears during DD's first HS at bat. At the end of the fall, we were butting heads(actually had a melt down in our softball dojo) on a change her swing that I wanted her to make. Of course, she fought me the whole way. She basically had warning track powe,r and I wanted more extension on the follow through. A week or two later before her last fall tourney during practice she gets my attention, and shows me that she is doing what I asked. Gave me the thumbs up saying that it's working. Sunday, last AB-she swings hard, the ball flies and it hits the top of the fence! All the parents looked at me, and I just smiled becuase I knew the changes were working. Fast Forward to February to HS ball. She is up to bat in first official HS at bat. She swings, hits the ball and over the fence!!! I have it on video and you can hear me just laughing the whole time as she is going around the bases. Not woo hooing, but laughing so I don't cry type of laugh. All that work she put in, the fights we had and boom! Success! Those breakthrough moments are pretty special.
Jun 26, 2019
A few things:
My oldest moved up to 12u this fall after not having a summer season. Most of her classmates stearted 10u a season early, so they had 3 years in 10u playing up their first year. She felt behind for the first couple seasons and she honestly was and struggled mentally when she made mistakes, this fall some things came together for her at the plate and in the field, I have seen her make mistakes and it let it wreck her day, she is much more mentally tough than she has been, and I would say she has honestly has caught up to the classmates that started before her. The coach put her in the lead off spot last game, that was pretty cool to see and she had a great day offensively and was involved in a cool defensive play: she was playing 2b, runner on 1b, catcher drops strike3 and throws the runner out at first, first baseman throws to her at 2b, perfect hard throw, no chance, should have held it, daughter applied the tag, pulled away and raged her again and caught her stepping of the bag to end the inning. Her first year in 10u I really didn’t think softball was in her future, and here she is looking like a real solid ball player.

Youngest daughter was 7, at a winter camp never played before, and she is a very little girl, most assume she is several years younger than she is. During a scrimmage at camp she rotated to left field, the girl at the plate swung and barely touched the ball and it sat and spun and rolled from home plate to the pitcher so slow I didn’t think it would get there... pitcher puts her glove down and waits for it, batter stares at it with everyone yelling “RUN!!!!” Daughter charges it from left field and allllllmmooooost gets it before the pitcher does, then gives the pitcher, who was twice her height the coldest stare down you have ever seen on her walk back to left field

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