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Model swings

Dec 3, 2009
Kansas City area
Please post examples of model swings for young girls to emulate and explain each frame as to why it should be a model swing.5 frame slow motion or anything that will help them. I like Catlin Benyis swing on siggys sight, but Im no pro and I could very easily miss details that are both positive and negative. Thanks Eric
Jan 6, 2009
Chehalis, Wa

Try downloading this software, HyperCam Downloads

It looks like the company changed, but I think the download version should work. With this pogram it can capture whatever is on the screen. You can select the area to be captured. If you put the two clips in anything that will let you advance the frame , say you use quicktime, size up two quicktime players side by side with two different clips. Select the area around the clips, and capture one frame at a time, the window recorder can capture one frame or shot when you select to start paused. When you select to start paused you just hit F4 to capture the area selected, advance your clips, and hit F4 again to capture the next frame, and you can create any synced clip of two players. Without buying anything.
Oct 28, 2009

Just putting this up because I'm curious and don't have the software to compare side by side on my computer...

Tewks, I seem to remember you mentioning within a different thread that you are a Mac user. If this is wrong, let us know. There is an open source (read "free") program that allows the side-by-side comparisons, but there isn't a Mac version. Of course, there's always the VMware solution to the problem of ruunng PC programs on a Mac.
Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
I thought the intent of this thread was good.

I'm hoping to see more people posting example swings. Let me throw out another clip and see if we can jump start this thread.

Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
Wookie ... I'd like to test the grip you are describing. Please detail the grip.

I agree that the forearm isn't 'stacked' ... ... ... from my perspective it is "pinched" ... or gives the resemblance of a "Power-V" ... that being a pinched rear forearm-to-bicep as the swing progresses through the "RVP connection point".

Here is a clip of Jenn Salling for an 'inside' pitch.

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Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
Five Frame,

Is that your daughter? I wa wondering what you think about that hitter's extention? IMO she doesn't get good extention, she just rotates around. That could be due to the pitch location also, looked high and tight. Curious to your thoughts.
Crankermo ... this is not my daughter.

What I like about this swing is the maintenance of the rear arm pinch through the position of the "RVP connection point" (i.e., the "Power-V").

With respect to "extension" ... I interpret what you are looking at to be the release of the elbow. My view is that one will generally see, from the position of the "Power-V" onwards, the rear forearm both extending and supinating (forearm rotation). The extent of this release, or extension, is IMO a function of pitch location. It is my opinion that one will generally see less of what you term as 'extension' for inside pitches.

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