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Model Fielding ...

Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
She touches the bag with the wrong foot. Left foot should touch the base.
She misses the base completely. She did attempt to use her left foot to touch the base, but missed.

When possible, I like to see the left foot touch, and then push back so as to throw out of the path of the oncoming runner.
May 16, 2010
Looks to me like she steps right on top of the base with her right foot. The base has dirt on it. Regardless, MLB 2b's are taught to touch the base with the left foot and then preferably step back as you said, and throw. In Cal and Billy Ripken's fielding instruction they say to step on the base with left foot and if necessary go toward an offline throw with the right foot. Even on an online throw you can step back, step toward left field or step toward third. I've seen 3 other training videos by pro instructors that all say the same thing. Left foot touches the base for a second baseman.
Oct 10, 2011
Pacific Northwest
She touches the bag with the wrong foot. Left foot should touch the base.
Momentum makes it hard to stop and step back. I like to teach to step on the back with the left foot, then step towards ball with right and plant then throw. Stepping back also is not preferd for me, because the runner is in the way of my arm. I also do not like to make any play behind the runner, so if ball is late, be ball side. If its a force, ball side.

Step back at a higher level if runner is going to take you out, so "misdirection" and trickery comes into play.

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