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Mental Game - 14U Pitching Drills/Help/Thoughts

Mar 15, 2016
My DD (13 yrs old) is a pitcher for her 14U tournament team. This is a group of girls that have all played for many years, but this is the first year of the younger girls being with the older girls. Our first string pitcher is the coaches daughter and is 2 years older than my DD. As a freshman this last school year the older girl pitched at the Varsity level for our 4A High School. So understandably my DD hasn't gotten a ton of mound time in games due to be a competitive team and not pulling our first string pitcher when she is "on point." When my DD does get in to pitch we know that she has the fundamentals and has gotten more and more consistent over the last few years (she works with a PC 2x a week) but she REALLY struggles with the MENTAL GAME (she has gotten better)..... if she is having a tough time getting the calls on the corners or anything like that she tends to mentally take herself out of the game. Instead of pushing through and making the adjustments to find the umpires spot. I'm wondering if there are any types of drills or ideas on how to work on the focus and mental part of pitching outside of games? I know that game time is where the issue is, but I feel like it needs to start outside of games with her too.

She is a kid that will talk things through with her PC and ask lots of questions about the whys and hows of pitches and placement. So, today (after our weekend tournament) I gave her the assignment to make notes or write down what she feels she needs in a game situation to work on getting better focused, keeping her head in the game when she needs to adjust and anything else that may be helpful. That way she can really hit those points with her PC this week and come up with some helpful strategies.

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