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Manager of 10/11 All STars, now what?

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
I was given the 10/11 All Star team to manage.....so far only 8 girls (of 18 eleven's in the league).

They are the "leftovers" from the 9/10, 11/12 selections. The league focuses on making a "strong" 11/12 and a strong 9/10. If there are enough players they form a 10/11. In our district there are actually four other teams in this age group.
(last year the 11/12's only played one team to win "District".

It is my job to now find 4 more players....we have eighteen 11 year old's in the league and only eight signed up.

None the other coaches will assist or give me the contact information of the "undecided's. (so not used to a women in "their" world of control of this league).
The other pitcher's father told me that he would be away for 2-3 days so couldn't assist (this guy has coached everything for the last couple of years.....either he doesn't like me or doesn't want to assist a women....this is about the girls, not his feelings towards this situation).

I'm feeling a bit stressed ... league is weak (especially this age group) and if we don't get a team for 10/11, it is highly unlikely that we will even have an 11/12 for next summer.

My daughter is definitely the #1 pitcher. We do have a good 2nd pitcher as well. No catcher. Every other game is what we would have to pitch each girl if it went that far (double elim).

Very sad as this is a really sweet bunch of girls who have not gotten the attention they deserved and I woud really love to rejuvinate their interest and help them to raise their game.

I just wish there was something that I could do to help these girls realize that this is a good experience, it will be fun, doesn't cost a thing and only runs about 3-4 weeks...

As far as coaching...it will be a challenge as the girls really lack a lot of the basic skills ...they are great girls, though.
Guess I'm a sucker for the under dog!
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Yes....there are six 10's in this league....three are playing on the 9/10 team. We have seven 9's in the and they are all playing 9/10.

There are two possible 10's in our Minor league ....

still waiting on seven responses from 11's and I go watch the 10's in the Minors Saturday.....thy don't even steal in that league and it is mostly coach pitch....

We'll see .....

May 9, 2008
If you can't get phone numbers from the other coaches, then ask the player agent or if all else fails ask the league secretary. We put a 10/11 year old team together last year for the first time. No one else in our district does that so they went straight to State. They lost but they all had the time of their lives. We jumped from 2 Majors teams to 3 this year, and almost had enough girls to add a Minor team as well. The 10/11 All-Star team is a great thing, even if it is not made up of all the best players. It gives the one on that team something to strive for, for the next year. I've seen a big difference in some of those girls who are 12 this year, more committed and more driven than last year.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
10/11 All Star team

We have a team......
...nine are 11's from our Majors league, I have three girls (10's) from the Minors League that are pretty good).
We have two good pitchers, no real catcher yet. Back to the 11" ball, though!

I was told that there are 4 teams in the 10/11 District ....I only see three towns, though....so we'll see....
our first game is June 27.

The first game we play is against a neighboring towm ...they had two teams this past season...one made up of their 9/10 All Star from last year and another of all new kids that got killed in every game. They pretty much formed their All Star team at the beginning of the season and they played together all year. Pretty sure that is against the rules but what can you do now?

We play them first. UGH!

We had 4 Majors teams this year and 4 Minors teams this year.
Generally we have been able to field three teams for All Stars, plus a Juniors team and a Seniors team.

Gotta win that first game and it will be a tough one. The pitcher I will use is very good, fast and they didn't hit off her when we played them.....but assuming they do hit...
Also, we are hit/bat challenged.....so we will need to take advantage of every error and bunt and steal a lot!
May 9, 2008
Yes it is illegal to pick the All-Star team at the beginning of the season. Alot of towns aroud here do that too. They stack one team out of their league. All they really have to do to get around that rule is to just add one or two players to the AS team to change the roster a little. It is unfortunate when they do this because the girls who aren't on the "stacked" team end up quitting in frustration after getting stomped on all year long.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
10/11 All Stars

Well....maybe illegal.....but the coach can't play anyone that wasn't on one of their two teams....
They are actually nice people who get the short end for the girls in their town. NO support.

We have very experienced Travel, College, High School coaches helping during the year. We have a very good almost free pitching program...they are always amazed at our pitching and they have a very difficult time hitting with some of our better pitchers

They have a strong catcher and infield (they don't make many mistakes). They capitalize on any and every mistake the other team makes.
Pitching is weak compared to us...
......I think our pitcher (my DD) could possibly do very well...although unrealistic to expect her to strike all 18 batters out. She struck out 11 last year.
Our fielding is pretty good, throwing a little erratic ...hitting good....situational knowledge is weak.

Game is the 27th....newer catcher for us ....three players from the Minors (another kid who just stands there(1 inning kid, I guess).....we got the kids no one wanted ...but I actually think we have a chance.
I LIKE them all! Parents are really good too!
I have several who will play the entire game...a few that will share...would love to split 3 and 3, but I'm not sure I can do that and win.

Should be interesting!

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