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looking for summer uniforms

Oct 2, 2012
Have you tried Boombah? I know they have a pretty quick turnaround. I've used Uniforms Express the past few years and I've been happy, but there's 6 weeks between order and delivery for custom uniforms.
Jun 1, 2015
I bought mine from the website https://www.allsportsuniforms.net/. The website's really easy to navigate, they have some really, really good deals on their uniform types, colors/designs, etc. Best of all, to me, their customer service is OUSTANDING. I had a problem with getting the pants I wanted (navy blue) to match the uniform tops I wanted (navy blue), so the lady who was 'assigned' my order called me directly to say that the colors wouldn't match, but went over different other options she thought might work well. The final product we ended up with looked great, and she was able to 'rush' the order out as fast as possible (since I needed them by a specific date but wouldn't be able to get it by then given this delay - I got them 1 day after I needed them, which was okay for me). Definitely worth checking out. PLUS you can also have blanks sent to you for sizing purposes, and I believe only have to pay for some form of either shipping out/back, which isn't bad either.

My uniforms - tops with the team name, player number front/back, and player name on back in 2 colors, and pants came to an average of $55 per player, which I think is a great deal given the combination. And since they're custom, my girls keep them from season to season.
Sep 3, 2018
The sublimated jerseys are garbage, the kids look more like the play paint ball than base/softball. Way too busy.

Gluv or Demarini seem to make all of the uniforms of the good teams, Mercado Athletics, Corona Angels, OC Batbusters, So Cal As, American Pastime, Explosion, Firecrackers....all in Gluv or Demarini

I'm not a fan of pants in colors other than white or gray, girls can get away with black pants though, the colored pants though look awful.


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
You can get half sub dye jerseys for pretty cheap, and being sublimated, no fading or stuff peeling off. Half sub-dye is just a basic one color moisture
wicking material shirt with whatever on front (logo, team name) and number and name on back. These aren't as bright and colorful as the full subs that dilligaf hates
so much per the many times he has said so...haha.

Half subs usually only run 15 bucks give or take per shirt...full subs are about 35 give or take. These local shops usually rip people off for cotton
shirts with heat press numbers/design...seen these guys charge same price for that garbage that a half sub would be.

I am a fan of going sub dyed (half or full) for the fact that nothing fades or peels like regular shirts.
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Sep 3, 2018
I could see sublimated dri-fits for workouts, camps and practices but for tournaments and showcases they just look like your team is a t shirt start up, may as well have "select" written across the chest.

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