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Looking for an organization!!! - join velocity

Sep 3, 2014
Tampa Bay Velocity is one of the largest club softball organizations in the nation. If you are in need of an organization, looking to start your own team but needing help getting started then consider being part of the Velocity family.

We are a 501c3 organization that is looking for either a current organization or an individual that would like to run and join the Velocity club travel organization.

If you have a league and are looking to have a club travel organization that you control for your league we can accommodate this as well.

If you already have a team but are looking to join a different organization we would like to speak to you.
We have placed over 120 players into the NCAA and NAIA. We help in placing your players into college. We work with your coaches to provide state of the art training so they can prepare players mentally and physically for college softball.

We are also looking for state representatives that help grow the organization, help in hosting tournaments, showcase events, camps for college coaches, camps for younger players, etc. We provide the training, support and will contact the college coaches in order to bring them to your event.

Anyone that is interested please contact:

Bob Gambino

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