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Looking for a new 14u team??...GRAND PRAIRE LADY BOMBERS...TEXAS!!

Sep 28, 2015
We are coming off an excellent Fall season, now we are looking forward to a competitive Spring season. We've been around for few years now and we stand toe to toe with any team... We are an independent club, we don't believe in outrageous monthly fees, we believe in developing young girls into talented softball players, We have an excellent support group behind them.
We are looking for 1-2 girls to help complete our team roster, whether your a bracket pitcher or a speedy OF/INF with a good bat we would like to hear from you. If you’re looking for more playing time and less bench time or wanting more mound time, come check us out. We are looking for players that are committed, hardworking, very competitive willing to leave it all on the field and compete at the highest level. Must have good attitude and be coachable. We have an excellent coaching staff. We are based out of Grand Praire and will be playing in the DFW and surrounding areas! We play 2 to 3 tournaments a month. Will be holding tryouts soon.

If interested please feel free to contact Coach Angel at riosangel18@gmail.com/972 693 1177 or Coach Rob at elcoqui31@gmail.com/972 999 5181. Looking forward to hearing from you

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