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Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Thanks Lemond, that's actually the point I was trying so hard to make? :rolleyes: Of course I don't know this for a fact, but I would think the emphasis on performance would be geared towards the 33"/34" bats, maybe include the 32"? Of course this is me 100% speculating!
They start with the bigger drop10s and get them toned up to what they need and passing. Then they adjust up and down from there.
Tech is all the same on a particular model, just scaled down or up. Heck, drop 8s and 9s require nothing diff from their drop10
counterpart other than weight. Scale is the same.
Jan 8, 2019
If you are using a real ball, you will def see a diff between an entry level bat and their top line even at younger ages WHEN HIT...haha.
BUT, does it really matter at 7 years old? Its not like she is gonna be hitting bombs with a top bat and rollers with a starter bat.

I personally would be shopping cheap...as she is gonna grow like a bean and will be out of that bat in no time. I would wait til
the girl can really show the advantages of a top bat first. Let her get her skills set a little more first then rip up a high end bat :)
We saved early and went only high-end enough to get the sting out of the really bad bats until 12U. When she started swinging consistently and the bat performance started to be a real factor. Even then, since she was growing fast, we went to a 2nd tier bat. 2nd yr 12U she got a high-end bat.

Save your money now! No one will notice or remember, and you WILL need it later!
May 23, 2015
That last hit would have made it over the fence if she had the 2025 Ghost with the sparkle knob and jet launch assist turbo slot grip. Suzy will get left behind and you'll have to look her in the eyes and explain why you were too cheap when she was 7. Will likely quit by 10. Thanks Dad!

Guilt and pride...2 of the most surefire way to part TB parents and their money. 😄

What the rest of these guys said...save your cash and buy cheaper/used at this age. Once they hit 11 or 12 youll be going through bats faster than socks due to growth.

Oh...and congrats to her! Have fun.
Dec 2, 2019
Some of you need to watch some more 8u. There are some amazons playing 8u that definitely can launch a ball. The main reason I went with the carbon 1 -13 was it was light enough for my dauther and didn't mess up the mechanics in her swing. And the weight on it seems accurate. I looked at lxt -12, but from what I have seen the weights are off on the lxt


Allergic to BS
Nov 14, 2014
Yeah, I know there are a few 8 yo's that can give Lauren Chamberlain a run for the money in a HR derby, but if you spend more than a couple hundred dollars on a bat for an 8U, you are insane. Even then, that's a ridiculous amount of money for something that will be useless next season. I see lots of good deals on closeouts in the smaller sizes, and ebay is a great place to buy used bats. Regardless of age, buy the bat that fits your DD's swing. The correct size, weight, and balance is far more important than the brand name.
Feb 14, 2019
I'm not looking to spend a bunch of money, but trying to determine if move to composite is worth it (definitely open to used) for the 8 y/o playing 10U with real ball.
You will definitely notice a difference switching from alloy to composite at the 8U level...I'd just echo earlier folks and advise you to seek out a good used bat that's still got some life in it in the $100-$150 range. If you don't buy something that's been abused, odds are she'll outgrow it and you'll be able to re-sell before it breaks. Just be mindful of not mistreating the composite in low temps/using cage balls/hitting a lot of weighted balls/etc.
Jul 29, 2013
Some of you need to watch some more 8u. There are some amazons playing 8u that definitely can launch a ball.
Our organization moved away from 8U, but their 10U team was very fun to watch, scrappy and played with attitude!

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