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Logging in on iPad/iphone

4 girl's dad

Finding my way
Apr 5, 2013
In the stands...
I have a couple different devices that I veiw DFP from. Laptop, surface tablet, verizon iPad Pro 9.7, att iPad Pro 12.9, and att iPhone 8.

My trouble is that neither of the ATT devices will log in to DFP. DFP says that my password is incorrect but I know for sure that its correct due to logging in to the other devices. Does anyone have a suggestion on this? Obviously I have plent of other ways to get on here but I’d really like the other 2 to work as well. Both of the ATT devices are work owned so maybe they are blocking it but when I asked about it they said there wasn’t anything set up tp block websites since they are set up just like any other device.