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LL Tourney Results

May 9, 2008
In case no one has noticed, I'm very involved in LL. I've noticed that a few others are too. So why not post some results??? District 13 in Michigan Girls Majors
Rogers City 5 over Onaway 4
Cheboygan 5 over North Emmet 3

I'm told that both games were very good. I couldn't be there unfortunately, but I'm following it closely!!!
Day 2
Rogers City 13 over Petoskey 2
Onaway 15 over North Emmet 4
K, District 4 in WV, 11-12 (major) girls, Shady Spring goes to the state tournament as the champion, Sophia plays Beckley East Monday to decide who goes as the runner-up.

Shady beat Sophia in game one 4-2, Beckley West in game 2 15-1 in 5 innings, and Beckley East in the championship 14-0 in 5.
May 9, 2008
More results

District 13 Michigan
Girls Majors - Rogers City goes to State
Girls Juniors - Cheboygan goes to State
Girls Minors - still playing
Cheboygan 15 Taquamenon 4
Rogers City 16 Harbor Springs 2
Taquamenon 17 Harbor Springs 7
Cheboygan 15 Rogers City 2

Unfortunately no 10/11 year old teams this year.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Connecticut Tourney results

District 7 RH over W. Hartford 5-0 and RH over W. Hartford 10-7.
They start 5 Sectional games in Norwich tonight against District 6 Granby.

District 7 E. Hartford over RH 9-5 and E Hart over RH 16-1
State Sectionals:

(5) 4 Redding vs Milford 21 (5)
(6) 19 Seymour vs Bristol 18 (6)
(5) 4 Fairfield vs East Hartford 5 (6)

(5) 5 Seymour vs Milford 14 (6)
(6) 9 East Hartford vs Jewett City 0 (5)
(5) 10 Fairfield vs Bristol 11 (6)

11/12's Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill won all district 7 games to go to Sectionals.
Rocky Hill over Glastonbury
Rocky Hill over Newington
Rocky Hill over Whethersfield
Went 2-3 in the Sectionals.

Won all games in the district. Won all but the last game in the Sectionsl.
They had beat Waterford South 11-1, then got beat by them 10-7 in the game that decided who went to State. Really good game..but heartbreaking as well!
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
9/10 Sectionals Connecticut

Lots of upsets in this sectional .... last place team beat Waterford last night....second to last place team scored 14 runs against Waterford.

Curent Standing after team name.

We beat granby 12-3, Waterford beat us 8-2, Granby beat Waterford 9-8.

We beat Granby(1-3), they beat Waterford(3-1), we lost to Waterford(2-2).
We beat Killingly(2-2), Killingly beat Manchester(3-1), Manchester Beat us (2-2). Clinton is 1-3, but they scored 14 runs against Waterford losing 17-14.

Tonight is game 5 of the 5 Game series.
We could end up second if we beat Clinton and Waterford beats Manchester....But we need to give up less than 3 runs than Manchester does.

My 10/11 team got beat by East Hartford 9-5 and 16-1. They are plowing through the State tounaments ...last night beating Redding 35-5.
At least we got beat by a good (but beatable) team.
May 9, 2008
Districts Are Done!!!

Michigan District 13
9/10 - Cheboygan won with a 3-0 record. (4 teams in districts)
10/11- No team, darn it
11/12 - Rogers City, won with a 3-1 record (5 teams in districts) they went to State and won their first game, then lost the next two.
Junior 13/14 - Cheboygan won with a 2-0 record (3 teams)
Senior 15/16 - Tahquamenon - no other teams went straight to State
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Season ended

RH District 7 ends up with 2-3 in the Connecticut sectionals.
Waterford South and Manchester will fight it out now for section II!

Team had nine 9's and two 10's. (one 10 only got to the first game, went to Ohio after that).

Girls did a good job. Still lots to learn...like running to second when someone is on third...etc....
...........we have very good pitching and "we" may have relied on that too much as our fielders didn't quite know when a ball was hit to them.
But next year they will have another year under their belt....

Time to get ready for Fall ball!

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