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LL Softball WS pitchers leaning

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
My 12 DD is watching the SC vs PR game from a few days ago.

First thing she says is "look how much they lean forward"

Storch is pitching an easy 50+ ...

.....must be doing a lot of other things correctly.

A good sign when she is learning good mechanics by watching....
...she's getting attention with her pitching at tryouts .....see if she is a match for a team in the next 8-9 days.....
Jul 28, 2008
my dd caught the same thing

Its so funny to watch a game with my dd, we dont care whos playing..Only focus on the pitching, the mechanics and style.....
Interesting observation.
Amanda and all the other pitchers from the Simpsonville team that won the LL World Series are students of mine.
Amanda came to me with the leaning over problem and we have been fixing it for a long time-----this is one of the most difficult mechanical flaws to change. Just before the LL World Series we did a video lesson with her----she was leaning a bit but much less than a year ago. Decided we would wait until after the World Series to make more adjustments. When you watch her on freeze frame video she is tilted just barely in front of veritcal at release but then tilts much more after release so it is not really as bad as it appears in normal play speed.
Amanda actually has a decent riseball and the more we work on it the better her tilt becomes for all pitches.

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