Learning to leap

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Jul 31, 2019
Monica crow hop

I see this with a lot of high level pitchers, where the drag foot lifts off the rubber then replants. Some stay above the plane of the rubber and some gain ground (crow hop) like in the video.
Why is this allowed? I was told it is. legal if you stay above the plane of the rubber, but I don’t believe that’s true?
Apr 12, 2015
Abbott is a gym step much, much more than any crow hop. Osterman has a bit of a crow hop in her motion:

A crowhop is a leap, replant, re-drive. Abbott simply steps forward from the rubber and begins her initial drive from there.

Both are illegal. Both have also never been called as far as I know. So I suppose that means they aren't really illegal?

I dunno. Things like that are things I honestly don't put a lot of thought into anymore when it comes to instruction.
Oct 2, 2018
just returned from USSSA National Convention, and with all the discussion that took place, I would bet they they will allow in 2022. Watch for it very soon.
I hope they allow it in 2022. You see many girls/women with a small leap and its not being called unless the opposing coach keeps going to the umpire to call it. Let's just keep the game moving. The advantage is to the batter currently.