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Latest swings from long time DFP member

Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
I think to get her to understand and feel it like we have been talking about think rotational versus linear....as discussed both are required it's not an either or but she needs to be less linear which gives her the slide back and forth look and feel and more rotational which should give her a coil and uncoil/release look and feel. We can discuss tons of little mechanical issues inside this but as a cue I think it might work the rotational would involve loading with more coil and then staying back more and releasing sooner before the drift forward.

Again we are tinkering with a very solid foundation and you don't want her to lose form on everything else she is doing so make incremental changes. Maybe even have her discuss video breakdown with her coach and see what they think although if she is already experiencing success they might just go with the don't mess with something that is working and honsetly I wouldn't blame them.
That is why I am hoping the comparison clip I posted will help. Believe it or not most of our work and foundation is rotational forces BUT that big dip and flex of the back knee almost requires a linear push so that will hopefully be a concept she can grasp. I am pretty sure her bat speed and plane will improve if she can make some incremental changes as you suggest.
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Jul 29, 2013
2 cents...,
1) She gets on top of her front leg because she pushes off of her back leg and elevates to her front side rather than falling into and against it.
See how DiCarlo keeps her head over and then behind her back thigh and how her back leg turns in and doesn't extend. She gets forward momentum by shifting her hips forward and falling, not by pushing. That inward coil that everyone's is so in love with is just a way of getting your hips out in front of your legs. Babe Ruth was the master of it...feet together and move your butt forward.... then fall into and against the front leg.
Coil and lead with the butt.
Head over back thigh.
Drive back knee down, no extension!
Head behind back thigh. Tilt to match spine angle to pitch plane.
Jul 29, 2013
2nd cent.
She lowers her back elbow early and leaks her hands forward...becomes a little bit of a push swing.....hurts her swing plane. Raise back elbow during stride. Promotes more pelvis /shoulder separation = more power. pics comparing forward stride. Screenshot_2019-09-28-12-00-07.pngScreenshot_2019-09-28-12-02-02.png
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Jul 29, 2013
God job. Definitely getting into the front leg more. Still need to work on elevating the back elbow and keeping the arms locked in sync. Elevate the back elbow and lower the front, then drive the rear elbow down while elevating the front and she'll start rotating the bat under her hands rather than around her body. More ferris wheel/less merry go round. Really gets the barrel turned deep. Get the rear elbow as high as possible.Screenshot_2019-10-01-08-52-57.png

Notice the direction of the bat tip.
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Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
Here is a nice shot from this weekend. Felt like she got good early barrel turn here

Yes! The load is in sequence. Notice the COM drop(a good checkpoint is the head lowering). She is no longer fighting her swing. Much more efficient! Nice work!

I’ll give a critique even though it appears she/you have put in a lot of work. It’s never over😆...

Notice the hands getting buried behind her body when she gets to her ‘hitting position’? Notice the front shoulder working more out then up? Notice the barrel work away from her body, then going to the ball? A bit of a cast-pulloff.
The outside pitch will eventually become a conundrum if it’s not already.

I would work on some neck slot walk ups or stepbacks... something dynamic and sequential. Letting her hands release up and back later, or better said, after she initiates her forward move, as well as trying to keep her hands on her toe-line or at least somewhere in the neighborhood.

It’s a recruitment of different muscles and a bit more dynamic.

Either way nice work!

Just what I see. Good luck!
Sep 1, 2014
Most recent swings from DD. Focusing quite a few swings on keeping hands in and going opp. She has come a long way through what we've learned here on DFP. Still learning. Now playing D2 college. Enjoy...

A lot of good going on here. But I have a drill for you. Figure 4 - start standing on back leg slightly bent with lead knee in the air forming a figure 4. Coil into back leg (get down in leg a bit and slightly turn hips away from catcher a few inches but don’t move shoulders) and then stride out (and pull scap back slightly at the same time). swing and finish swing by going down on stride leg knee slowly until it touches the ground....this will train her to stay down instead of popping her body up like she does.

Coil will help her stay in her leg as will finishing down to the lead knee. She seems to be coming out of her leg coil...standing out of her swing. My younger DD does the same thing. I have her doing the same drill.

The drill I mention is from Gerry Glasco to address this very flaw.
May 21, 2014
I realize we are in the "technical" forum but here's food for thought from a practical perspective/observation. Once she hits toe touch, she is pushing the back side through a still front hip. Meaning the front hip is not moving forward or backward. Now go watch some other swings in slow mo and you will notice the front hip actually moves backward after toe touch. The hip movement is not just back side turning forward but the front side turns backwards just a bit. You can tell this by stopping the video and marking front hip position and then seeing where it moves from there.

This simple verbal cue may cause her to fix some of the other stuff. It will definitely help keep her off the front toe and not "lift" during impact.
Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
The recent input and suggestions are much appreciated. I see accurate observations and some much-valued input. When I am working with her or anyone else I always am looking upstream to see what is causing inefficiencies downstream. Looking forward to translating some of the ideas here to some actionable concepts. I'll keep the thread alive as she makes some changes and update you all so we can all learn together. thx

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