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Late Bloomer gets it done!!!

Apr 28, 2019
My less athletic/recently motivated twin daughter got her 1st chance to get in the circle tonight.
She has recently been working hard on improving all her softball skills. Tonight she got her 1st opportunity to pitch. She went 5 strong and gave up 1 hit and 4 unearned runs. She walked two and no HBP.
She twice came all the way back from 3-0 to get the K’s. She also went 2/3 hitting 5th at the plate and played 1st for two innings.
This is a girl who would not practice before last Spring outside of team practice. She was a sub who played the outfield and always batted bottom of the order.
She is now one of the top players on the team and gets a lot of praise from parents that saw her play before and now.
She now asks me to practice and her confidence is sky high!!!
Just another example of hard work paying off. You gotta put your time in and trust the process!!! Very Proud Papa!!!

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