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Keeping shoulder in/not flying open

Chris Delorit

Apr 24, 2016
Green Bay, WI
Three things for consideration. First, slighly tow in the front shoulder within her rearward load. Second, mentally form an attachment between the chin to the front shoulder during her linear drive into front plant. 3) She also mentally focuses on resisting front shoulder rotation prior to her front plant, where the plant will be her catalyst for the beginning of the core rotation.

TexAg1998 offered a good drill. Another could be as simple as T/soft-toss to the outside corner, training her to let the ball get as deep as possible within the zone to contact. This can help to train a number of things, including relaxation and discipline with the front side. Many times, girls are far too anxious, beginning the rotational aspect of their mechanics much too early to even get a fair read on the path/destination of a pitch.

You can explain, or even demonstrate yourself that even the fastest pitcher that she'll ever compete against can never throw a ball faster than she can initiate a swing on that pitch if she makes a good choice to do so. This isn't to say she won't strike out, but that she can catch up to any speed thrown her direction. So, practice slowing down and allowing the ball to get deeper within it's path to the plate before initiating her swing. She may just be surprised on how much extra time she really has to react.

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Apr 20, 2018
While preparing to swing, or striding let the front shoulder move down and in slightly (let the front shoulder move inside the front hip). You should create an attack angle with the shoulders, a downward angle at the launch position. You can practice getting into the lunch position.

I have a slightly different lunch position! LOL

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