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Nov 6, 2008
Mark D.

I would be very interested in your thoughts on this new device being promoted by Monica Abbott.

It appears to train against development of arm whip by forcing the arm to extend to maximum length throughout the circle. Also what is your opinion of such sport specific resistance devices that mimmick actual movements at a slower pace? Does this type of thing slow down muscle memory and do more harm than good in terms of explosiveness and resulting velocity?



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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
A good pitcher (and there is no room on softball teams for mediocre pitchers) is developed when an athletically gifted girl works her *ss off under the direction of a good coach. There is no other way. Buying stuff like the "K-factor" is a waste of money.

Go to a pro golf tournament and show up when the pros practice and count how many people are using any of the 1,000,000 golf swing aids on the market. Guess what the count will be? ZERO. People who have to win to put food on the table for their children are out there with their golf instructor, not messing around with the latest gimmick like the "medicus".


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Here is what I think - I have seen it a couple of times and I am unsure about it. From a physiological perspective, it does add resistance but the muscles that are trained aren't in need of being trained. They are already fairly strong muscles naturally. The ones that needs to be trained are the stabilizers around the shoulders - like what baseball pitchers do with tubing.

I tend to agree with sluggers on that one.

Some training aids are good to enhance learning, I am not sure about this one. If I had to buy a training aid for the "pitching arm", I would go with this one instead:

Softball Oregon Xelerator Softball Pitching Hitting Catching Lessons Instruction Baseball

This thing makes more sense to me because it actually accentuates what needs to happen in the pitching motion. The way it works will help the pitcher feel how the arm should work by accelerating on the way down.

Personally, I wouldn't buy the K-factor. In all fairness to the item, I have not tried it though so it all perception from reading about it and watching the video.

My opinion.
May 12, 2008
I have to agree with SJ at least in terms of how the thing is demo'ed on the website. I don't really see why it would help anything and they surely aren't demonstrating arm whip. As to the question about whether it's helpful to mimic the correct motions slowly. Sure, when they are learning or trying to change an inefficiency.

Slugger, if there was no place for mediocre pitchers there would be very little softball played. There's a level for anyone who wants to play IMO. LL softball can get pretty ugly but if someone won't pitch it, no one gets to play. As to the golf analogy, I wouldn't expect to see pros warming up for a tourney use an aid/constraint. I would expect someone to use something like that "when they are learning or trying to change an inefficiency"- most likely years ago. I should add I'm not speaking to golf directly out of experience but rather what I would expect from other sports learning.

I agree when Marc says some training aids can enhance learning. Like any drill though, without an understanding of the end goal, any drill and or the use of any training aid/constraint can be perverted. I can't speak to golf but I have seen constraints used in the teaching of hitting to help a kid to move a certain way when they just couldn't break the cycle of the old habits.
May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
Wow sluggers, you are kinda tough on the mediocres arent ya??? Do ya figure that they just open the box & out pops a great??? No experience needed???
For the same reasons mentioned above I can't see how the K-Factor would do much more than teach you to have a "long straight arm circle" which is less than optimal pitching mechanics. Interesting because Monica does have arm whip----wonder if she uses the device?

To Marcs suggestion of the xlerator----as a device to help with warming up and lubricating the shoulder joint I think it has some merit. But if you use a good pitching motion with this device you will probably hit yourself in the back of the drag leg.
If you have a pitcher that cannot break the habit of bringing her ball hand behind her head, the xlerator will tend to help correct this issue----because they will definitely hit them selves in the leg. Sometimes in severe situations you have to perform and exaggerated move/drill that tends to overcorrect just to get to the place you really want to be......but be wary of these types of drills.
It really is important to look at training aids or drills and see if they truely mimic or help to reinforce good pitching mechanics.


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
I can't imagine practicing three days a week for 6 years with my DD and then spending 8 or 9 weekends every summer visiting every dog run in the midwest where they put up a backstop with the idea that "mediocre" would be good enough.

But, hey, that is just me.

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