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Just wanted to say goodbye and thank you guys for everything!

Nov 29, 2009
I'm curious, what makes you think you have to go??? My DD graduated college 11+ years ago. Just because she's moved on to the next phase of her softball career doesn't mean you're done. You've got a lot of experience with the game and you can share it with the parents just starting out.

I'm willing to bet you'll be back here asking about why her college coach is doing crazy things.
Nov 25, 2012
Best of luck AD! Completely get it and nothing wrong with stepping away for awhile. I did just that very thing for some of the same reasons. I don't post nearly as much and likely won't but this site has been a big part of me for many years and yours too. Get away for awhile but do a drop in down the road and check things out, say Hi, and share your DD's story a bit. Pick the posts that you might be able to lend some advice. Look forward to seeing you here when the time is right for you!

Apr 23, 2014
East Jabib
I always enjoyed your posts and good luck to your daughter! You may be right, the forum hasn’t been the same since Out In Left Field stopped posting

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Jan 5, 2018
I'm relatively new here and my daughter is just beginning her softball journey. Selfishly, I'll say I'm sorry that you won't be around. I look forward to the veterans and their wisdom, experience and outrageous stories - and that includes your posts, Johnny.

Thinking outside of myself, best of luck to you, best of health, and keep in touch if you see fit.
@ANNASDAD I'm newer than SCS....and I completely agree.

I can't tell you how much this group has influenced me/coaching/my DD/our family in things softball.

Take a break but DON'T stay away. You've got something to give to many who come here.

I enjoyed reading what you had to say and your perspectives. That experience and wisdom can be a blessing to another round of DH, DW and their DD.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
Hey guys, it's time! With Anna leaving to play college ball, my softball and glove priorities have changed.......plus I spend entirely too much time here! And I think the direction of this forum has changed, it's just not as fun as it once was! Maybe it's me?

But I mainly want to say thanks to the countless number of friends I've made on this forum, I'm not going list a long string of names here, but you guys know who you are........thank you!

I'm going to stay a day or two more because of a possible glove deal pending........

You guys know I'm mainly about ball gloves here, obviously..............but since 2013 I've learned so much about the game of softball here, and for that I'll always be grateful. This place has been a valuable tool for me! Been thinking about this for a couple of weeks, probably going to vacate another forum as well?

Take a break and come back. Just because the dd is now in college is not a reason to leave. A few of us have had our dd go through college and we have stuck around. This site will be what every member wants it to be. For me, it is a lot of fun watching others go through the system and then following their dds as they grow up. Check in once in a while and let us know how the dd is doing.
Dec 11, 2010
Hey man, wish you the absolute best! Have really enjoyed your posts and all the help you have given me on gloves over the years.

My second dd moves on next year. The thought has crossed my mind that maybe I will do the same! Or do what Cannonball suggests and take a break and see.

Either way, best wishes to you and Anna!
Jul 14, 2018
Best of luck to Anna in the next phase of her career, and thanks for all the insight you've given (especially about the leather).

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