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Just some discussion: What are your top 3 absolutes that you try to teach all hitters

Apr 11, 2015
Good gracious, it's like I stepped into a "way back time machine", and I'm back in the "bat lag is a teachable checkpoint of the swing" component that I thought was already settled to just be a simple "pass through" moment in every swing...or "check swing" or "take".

As soon as the hands, and bat/barrel start to move (towards catcher, the plate, or the pitcher) the relationship between the two will start to change, and thus start creating a "V", "radial deviation (RD)", "hinge angle", or whatever other word(s) we've come up with.

But regardless of terminology the changing relationship is an "effect" of other actions of other moving body parts, and is not (or should not be) some specific teaching modality that the hitter is supposed to do a certain way or really ever focus on for that matter.

IOWs, if you're focusing on, and/or teaching anything to do with the barrel/hands/forearm relationship at the "bat lag" part of the swing...you're wasting yours and your hitter's time, and looking in the wrong area for your swing instruction. JMO...YMMV. ;)
Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
The hands/wrists are a pivot point. There is a feel of the barrel constantly being worked around the hands/wrists. Despite the barrel being constantly rotated around the hands/wrists, regardless of pitch location (inside/outside), we need to take a barrel that is being constantly rotated around our hands/wrists and square the ball. How does one square the ball with the barrel, at the exact moment that they desire, using a system that has the barrel constantly being rotated? We don't have the luxury of momentarily stopping the barrel rotation and pushing a flush barrel through the ball to square it. So how is the squaring of the ball accomplished with such great precision? Simply by taking advantage of the bent top-hand/wrist and getting it to unhinge/unbend into impact ... that is what 'squares' the ball, while having the barrel constantly rotating around the hands/wrists ... we 'throw' at the ball ... making the top-hand wrist become unhinged/unbent.

Understand this and you can drop the notion of getting the barrel on plane early and staying on plane late ... you can instead simply throw/unhinge at the ball to square it.
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