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Just a fun story! Alabama-Florida at WCWS-OKC!

Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
I'm in OKC at the Woman's College World Series w/ my daughter, watching Florida and Alabama and rooting for Florida and Stacey Nelson. I'm SURROUNDED by Alabama Fans and family! I do enjoy seeing SEC competing, actually any teams from the east and south now!

(I'm still agitated at Alabama after their lack of class in the last inning against Arizona and you know I'm an Arizona fan! sooooo.......)

History of Florida-Alabama is Florida has a couple games hit Walk-Off Grand Slams to beat Alabama so its not like Lightening couldn't striike FOUR times now!

Florida is losing by 3 runs in bottom of the 7th! 2 on and 2 out and I make a comment out loud “Can you imagine if they WALK Megan Bush and the next batter hits a WALK OFF Grand Slam homerun??!!”
OMG – the dirty looks I got from so many of these Bama fans! So Megan Bush walks! NOW bases ARE loaded, still with 2 outs and Florida down by 3 runs! (( I know, I should have clearly been more discreet as I did NOT intend for the Bama fans to hear me or take it personal. Gosh, I do apologize to Bama fans.))

I say, “Holy Cow, they walked Megan Bush and the WINNING run is at the Plate!” I notice MORE dirty looks! (OK, NOW I am realizing I'm being loud, though in the environement when everyone is now standing and yelling, its natural to talk loudly!)

I say quietly to the ladies to my left (Bama fans also, but we’ve been talking all game long.), “IF Ali Gardiner hits a Grand Slam, I need to sneak out past you guys, cause the Bama fans over there will KILL me!”

What happens? Ali Gardiner hits a Grand Slam! Florida wins, Bama is eliminated and I’m astonished! I look over to the Bama fans, covering my mouth, MORE Dirty Looks and I sneak out to my left away from the Bama fans!

Every year out here in OKC during teh WCWS, there is something or many things great that make the trip worth while! Its always fun! Hot, expensive, but fun!


Aug 21, 2008
Boston, MA
Thanks Jim (seriously!) I got the kids off to skating and had a few minutes so I thought I'd check the DVR to see if I was missing any WCWS. I sit down and what is on? none other than Alabama-Florida and it's the bottom of the 7th with 1 runner on and Alabama up by 3.
Ordinarily I wouldn't have bothered recording the end of a game but this time I knew it would be worth it!

so thanks for the sneak preview!