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Jayleen - starting year 3

Chris Delorit

Apr 24, 2016
Green Bay, WI
You're doing great, keep working on her rhythym. The potential advantage of the step back, protection of her grip (not a priority at her age now, but will be later) and drive momentum by utilizing both legs & both arms. She checks all the boxes.

Such as has been suggested by others, she's opening a little much ... where that will rob some forward momentum. I think she's still hesitant to get to, and through brush without a black-n-blue thigh. Just before her contact point, she's pulling the emergency brake ... which locks up the back side, promotes the lean forward and keeps the hips from the closing and trail foot locked in the past.

Maybe you could work on those issues by focusing on simplifying the pitching motion into 45-degree slingshots. Graduated, slower motion walkthroughs where she's training both her mind and motion from the old habits to the new ones.

PS ... that motion seems familiar, almost like I've seen it before. :unsure:
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Nov 20, 2020
PS ... that motion seems familiar, almost like I've seen it before. :unsure:
Haha - Tell ya what....both of us utilizing a similar style makes working at home WAY easier. And, it's me mimicking her, not the other way around.

Appreciate the comments and feedback/suggestions. We're going to ease her back into throwing this week now that the knee is almost back to normal. The last time she strode was the week before Thanksgiving when she injured the knee so I want to come back slowly as to not reaggravate the injury.

Multiple people have mentioned the brush and I know it's referenced here often. We've just paid so much attention to her lower half and working on a clean arm circle (she tends to pull it behind her head) that I hadn't paid much attention to it. Will definitely make it a priority now along with the other suggestions.

Now that we've established a foundation, and she understands it, really looking forward to watching her grow some more this year.