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ISC is the best

May 8, 2008
:)Hello Iam a fastball fanatic having attended many ISC championships, and Canadian Championships at the Senior Mens level. Have been involved as an administrator for about 40 years at many levels. would love to chat with fellow followers of the game. Who was the best pitcher you saw in person? Stofflet Underwood, Finn, Haymes . Meridith. I would love to hear your opinion.
Mike Goodridge


May 7, 2008

See Eddie Feigner (The King and His Court)...the softball version of Harlem Globetrotters, yet still staggering...


"Mr. Feigner (pronounced FAY-ner) was, beyond dispute, the greatest softball pitcher who ever lived. In a barnstorming career that began in 1946, he and his four-man team were all but unbeatable."

This article, in its entirety can be found at:



May 7, 2008
Ty and/or Jimmy Moore are at the top of my list. Zack, Meredith, White and Herlihy are not far behind. Billy Massey and Roy Burlison were nothing to sneeze at. Would love to have seen Dudley in his prime. Would also have liked to have seen Feigner play for real.

This year I am going to Kimberly. A few I want to see are Kirkpatrick, Gareau and Mata.
May 22, 2008
Hey mike, I also am a long time fan of fastpitch and have seen some of the greats in person. I think the best I saw was Ty Stofflet, but living in N. IL for a long time I saw some great series and tournament play at SA field in Aurora. Dick Brewbaker was very good that 1980 season was enjoyable to watch. Thinking back to that era did you ever see Jeff Seip play?, he hit a ball one night in aurora that hasn't landed yet!. looking foreward to mare "oldtime" talk- Jim Masel
For three years Jimmy Moore was the best. Won the ASA, ISC, and Olympic Festival three years running.
Played with Merideth, Piechnik, and Herlihy, and against White, Zack ,Tangaroa, Finn, Stofflet, etc. etc.
Hard to say who was the best ever-----all were great!
Any one you got a hit off of was the greatest----that gave you bragging rights.
May 7, 2008
Geneva, Switzerland
Well, in my day I pitched against several of the names I've seen mentioned. Won and lost against Hurlihy, Hames, Landers, Walford, etc. (we leave Feigner out of this because he was a class of his own). Never had the pleasure to pitch against Stoflett. But, it the money was on the line, I'd pick Dick Hames (London, St Thomas) when he was at his peak. (e.g 1-0 11 innings against US in 72 worlds for Richmond Hill.. a team in my league). Another great pitcher was Metro Szeryk (spelling). At his peak, he played with 6 (Silver Six) and was incredibly good. Ray Judd was another good one. Peter Landers from Oshawa, another great pitcher. Never saw Zack pitch, but videos I see of him.. did he ever throw a legal pitch?? We all did.. and faster too.


May 7, 2008

Do not know him personally. Saw him play in '87 at ISC with Teleconnect. Not many have been blessed with both pitching and hitting ability like him.
Heard he retired from ball to run his business.

PDJ, Thanks for your reply.

That's great to hear about Jody. He's living in my town and doing a lot of pitching and hitting lessons for our local league. A lot of pitchers out of our 21 teams go to him. He's done a lot in raising the level of play for us. We're glad to have him.

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