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Is Slapping going to be a thing of the past?


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Run & Bunt
Run & Slap
Run & Hit
Will always be part of fastpitch!

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Like it!
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Sep 19, 2018
Maybe it's easier to get a 3-run bomb than 3 solo shots in a game?
Well, at the MLB level is certainly seems to be easier to hit a 1 run bomb than 3 singles. However, I personally don't necessarily that at the TB level, that is the case.
Apr 11, 2016
I hope slapping doesn't go away. True, the new rule sucks, but then most of the time, the box lines disappear....

DD isn't tall and she can hit. She prefers hitting over slapping. They just moved up to 14U and one division. This fall, they were playing against some pretty good 2nd-year 14U teams. First week after 3 games, DD didn't get one single hit (she was 500 in the summer). She was upset. Before her 2nd week's games, I told her that this is the fall, why not have fun and mix up drag bunts, slaps, and regular hits? Her coach had said before DD could do whatever she wanted.

In the next game, the other team moved in (DD was always the leadoff batter) thinking what can this little bitty girl do? On the first at bat, DD slapped one over 3rd baseman's head and got on base. On the 2nd at bat, she mixed it up again and the pitcher got all frustrated and walked her. She got on base on every at bat that game, and that day over 3 games, she only didn't get on base once or twice. Now with Fall season just ended, and even with the big fat 0 in the first 3 games, she still average 470 and 2nd on her team in batting average.

Slapping isn't easy, but it gives DD an advantage. It is also not easy to find a good slapping coach. DD is lucky to have a great batting coach who teaches hitting and slapping.
Jun 4, 2019
She’s also 2 steps off the bag when the ball’s released. 😂

but that’s what they do in college. I slow motioned videos girls at college games and everyone leaves early. But too close for the eye to see. It hard enough with 60’ bases when they don’t leave early.

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