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Is releassing the top hand bad?

Feb 7, 2013
My DD was at a tryout recently and the hitting coach corrected DD not to release the top hand after contact but instead to keep both hands on the bat? Her personal hitting coach has never had an issue with this technique. Some great MLB hitters have also released the top hand, have they not?. What say you?
Aug 29, 2011
Style & comfort for a hitter. As long as a hitter doesn't release to soon.
I think this is the big thing. Some hitters seem to maintain better mechanics keeping both hands on the bat through out the swing, others do just fine with the one handed finish.
Jul 26, 2016
what you do after contact does not matter to the ball but it is often a sign of bad Downstream Actions, so coaches are correct to not teach to throw the bat at the ball like that

However I believe that a Player should at least be able to finish with two Hands because many Players just stop rotating and then just disconnect the lead arm to finish the swing. two Hands force you to finish your Rotation so I would say even for Releasers it is good to occasionally do some two handed finishes.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Simply not true.
Please explain. Once the ball has already left the bat, how can the hands possibly affect the ball?

That said, I understand that if the hand coming off the bat after contact is a result of flawed upstream mechanics, then releasing the hand could be an issue, but (IMO) that's a whole different discussion.
Feb 7, 2013
There was a great slo-mo video posted here where a players hands slipped completely off the bat BEFORE contact with the ball and still had enough power on the swing to hit the home run. I agree with the posters though that upstream mechanics can be adversely effected if releasing the top hand too early at or immediately after contact.

I just don't like hitting coaches who say absolutely keep both hands on the bat throughout the whole swing.