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Is it time for a sports psychologist?

Jun 27, 2018
No she’s surprisingly a good bunter. Now a year later, we think it was a combination of changing her swing mechanics, (trying to learn a new swing) a TB coach that would yell at her and berate her, changing high schools along with trying to please everyone. It was causing her some anxiety. She’s settling into that swing and she’s learning to speak up for herself (respectfully of course!)

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Jun 27, 2018
She’s doing better! Thanks for asking. She has developed anxiety and over thinks everything. This really ramped up during the shut down Outside of softball too. We are in one of those states that locked down for awhile. I’ve found out a lot of anxiety disorders show up between 14 and 19. So we think her issues were a combination of being a natural worrier, puberty, trying to please coaches, (even if one didn’t have her best interest in mind) learning a new swing and having a coach fight her on it...(actually belittle her and yell and curse at her). As well as changing schools. However, she is working on changing her way of thinking. She is having some success. She just started seeing a therapist. She has her faith. She is in a more positive environment for softball.

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Feb 3, 2016
Kind of old school here.

As good as bats are these days for performance the issue is that players get little to no feedback from them except for where the softball ends up if making contact.

In practice I made kids use a wooden bat so they can get immediate feedback on the contact being made. With what's been communicated in this thread on the 3 things needed to be successful at the plate this was just another tool to help players. If good contact and bad contact feel the same to the player how do you expect them adjust?

Can't stress the importance of enough tee work for any player with half of the swings being check swings.

If asking my DD what her preference would be facing a pitcher's throwing 45 mph or 65 mph she's choosing the faster of the two every time.

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