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Is bunting considered "old softball"

Jul 31, 2019
Unless you can bunt for a double it's a wasted at bat.

This is why professional MLB players do not lay down the bunt against the shift (or even hit the opposite way). It's not that they can't lay down the bunt or poke it the other way. What the cant do is lay it down/poke it for a double.

This is the point that many people don't understand about analytics.

Yes I understand that there are certain times you would bunt in a game but it's not a viable strategy against a real team (long term).
Comparing bunting in baseball is a wasted argument. It’s a weapon in softball
Jul 31, 2019
Always? Would you do this in the 1st inning when you know your pitcher is going to give up some runs? How about down by 5 runs in the last inning?
I would give up an out to score a run in the first inning for sure. Now your opponent has to score 2 to beat you
Jul 31, 2019
Bunting is hard. You are better off spending the time practicing some other aspect (hitting) of the game that can help your team win.

Your goal as a batter is to reach second base. Bunting won't get you there. Walk plus a steal is a stretch. Ground balls have a low percentage for extra bases. What to do? hit the ball in the air as hard as you can.

The math will not change on that.
The odds of steeling 2B are often more favorable than getting a hit much less a double.
May 17, 2012
Comparing bunting in baseball is a wasted argument. It’s a weapon in softball
MLB is often used in this forum for reference as they are the best in the world at what they do and the games of fastpitch and baseball are similar.

For the sake of argument we can throw out baseball stats. Just go to any of the fastptich analytics websites and guess what the math still holds.

Welcome to 2020.

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